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Breathing, yoga, meditation, relaxation,
Get up early to adjust your life rhythm and keep your mind and body healthy

4 skilled instructors will carefully guide you

If you are new to yoga, please feel free to join us.

1 Week Trial for 1,100 Yen

45 minutes morning yoga and Relaxation Yoga
Monday to Sunday
​、20 lessons a week!

For those who are new to yoga

Here are four lists to prepare when you start yoga​

Yoga mat

Bath towels can be used as a substitute, but we recommend preparing a yoga mat. ​ Cushioning and gripping mats help you take yoga poses safely and comfortably, increasing your concentration. Also, on the yoga mat, you will be conscious of "a special place to practice yoga".

Other recommended

It would be nice to have a sweat towel, water (normal temperature water or plain hot water, not cold water), cushions, cushions, yoga blocks, and a blanket for shaversana.

​ Clothes

You can wear it in your room. Prepare something that is easy to move. If the tops are easy to turn over, it is easier to move by putting them in the bottoms.  

PC / smartphone

Use Zoom. The camera can be turned on or off. Of course, if you are embarrassed, you can turn it off. If you get used to it, turn it on and ask the teacher to talk to you, which will encourage you to practice.

Main lessons

About 80 lessons a month

​ Every Wednesday, the year-end and New Year holidays, Obon is closed.


Morning yoga / meditation

45 minutes for each lesson

Weekdays 5:00 ~, 6:00 ~, 7:00 ~

Adjust your regular life rhythm with yoga every morning. ​ Loosen from the core of the body and let the whole body breathe. The movement of yoga is to sweat slowly, and we also meditate.

Relax yoga

Each lesson 45 minutes or 30 minutes

(45 minutes)

Tuesday 21: 00 ~

(half an hour)

Thursday 21: 00 ~
Saturday 21: 00 ~

In the evening, we offer a relaxing yoga that will lead you to a good night's sleep .

Restorative yoga

30 minutes for each lesson

Sunday 21: 00​ ~

A gentle and gentle yoga time that leads to weakness. As you breathe slowly, you will feel the sensation of relaxing and spreading from inside your body. This class is also recommended for those who are concerned about the hardness of their joints.

Breathing method

30 minutes for each lesson

Monday 21: 00 ~


​ This is a method to improve the autonomic nervous system of modern humans and use it for mental health and self-care. It is designed so that even people who do not usually practice yoga can easily and easily do it as an extension of stretching.


We publish weekly schedule

​ Expected effects of continuing yoga



​ Deepen your breathing


​ Make it a habit to get up early


Life rhythm is in order


For improving autonomic nerves

Price plans


Experience One Week Passport

20 lessons for one week 1,100 yen (tax included)
First trial lessons


We are holding a one-off workshop that anyone can participate in

​ Archive video 1 week, member discount available

in preparation


Introducing Kyoko Hiraga

Studio representative


Kyoko Hiraga

Co Founder &
Main Teacher

⬇︎ First week trial for 1,100 yen ⬇︎


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