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I want to know the flow of attendance

Please refer to the link of your preferred participation method.

Trial lesson

Monthly passport member


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How long can I cancel my lesson reservation?

Until the lesson start time, you can do it from My Page of Reserva Reservation.

​ In addition, there is no particular penalty even if you do not participate even if you make a reservation.

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I want to know how to book multiple lessons at once

Due to the system, it is not possible to book lessons with different names at once.

Sorry to trouble you, but please make a reservation one by one.

​ If you have enough profile information for Reserva, your reservation can be completed in about 30 seconds.

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​ I want to change the credit card used in the automatic renewal plan

You can change your "profile" and "credit card" by logging in to RESERVA and going to the profile edit page.

You can change the registered credit card information from "Credit Card".


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I haven't received the entry information email

It may have been sorted as junk mail.

In addition, some domains (*) cannot be received unless the reception settings are changed, so please change the registered e-mail address or check the settings so that you can receive e-mails from the following e-mail addresses.


​ * It has been confirmed that "" and "vodafone" cannot be received. We recommend changing to another email address if possible.

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Reservation for lessons such as workshops cannot be completed

If the hourglass mark appears on the reservation screen and you cannot complete your reservation, please check your mobile phone settings.

If you limit the pop-up screen, you may not be able to proceed with the procedure.

Search for " unblock pop-ups" and check.

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I want to cancel my monthly passport membership

Please operate by the 31st of the month you want to cancel. (Example: Withdrawal at the end of August → Operation completed by 8/31)

Operation page: Monthly product purchase history page

1. If you click the operation page while logged in to Reserva, the "Monthly product purchase history" on My Page of RESERVA will appear.
2. Click "Contract Status" in "Online Yoga Monthly Passport (Automatic Renewal 1 Month All-you-can-eat Plan)" and select "Cancellation Reservation".
3. Please confirm that the contract status is "Cancellation reservation".

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