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​ Studio Shanti Online

Reasons to choose

1. Lesson content comparable to face-to-face

Lessons are conducted in real time.

If you turn on the camera and take the course, it will be the same as face-to-face.

​ (Participation with camera off is also possible).

2. Specializing in the content that prepares the autonomic nerves

Most of Studio Shanti's lessons are for autonomic nervous system, such as meditation and relaxing yoga before going to bed.

As it is becoming indispensable to voluntarily adjust the rhythm of life, such as the spread of remote work, incorporating Real Tam lessons into daily life is a shortcut for preparing your own mind and body.

3. Abundant teachers

​ Originally Studio Shanti in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, but the teachers who taught in Nihonbashi are still in charge of instructors online.

Please take lessons from various teachers!

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