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Course flow

Tuition fee

・ Flat-rate billing monthly passport

4,980 yen per month

You can use one month lessons without reservation.

It is a plan that is automatically renewed on the 1st of every month regardless of the start date.

When the event is held, we will inform you about discounts for fixed-rate members.


・ Experience One Week Passport

490 yen

 You can purchase it only for the first time.

​ There is a start on Monday and a start on Saturday.

The expiration date is one week. As with other plans, you can use it without reservation.


Course flow

Advance preparation

・ No lesson reservation is required.

・ Please prepare a place with an internet environment.

・ If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please download the Zoom app in advance.

(* Pre-download is not required for PC users))

・ You do not need to create an account for either.



・ Easy-to-move clothes

・ Yoga mat or bath towel (chair yoga, gyrokinesis is a chair)


・ Water (plain hot water, tea)

<Available depending on the class>

・ Yoga blocks, bolsters, stretch poles, cushions, pillows, etc.

Until you enter the room

・ The URL, ID, and password required to enter the lesson the next day will be sent to the email address registered with Reserva by 23:00 the day before.

・ Please enter the room according to the start time of the lesson (you can enter the room about 5 minutes before) on the day.

<For PCs> Please enter from the URL

<For smartphones and tablets> ID and password may be required.

・ Since we have approved the entry sequentially from 5 minutes before, we will prepare enough to charge the equipment and display the waiting room (after clicking the above URL for entering the room, "Waiting for this meeting until the host starts" is displayed. Please wait on the page).

・ After entering the room, please check the on / off operation of the microphone, speaker, and video.

・ Click the mountain mark to the right of the microphone mark to perform a "microphone and speaker test".

-The screen has a speaker view and a gallery view, but please set the speaker view and video on during the lesson.

・ If you keep the name of the device such as iphone, you can use either your real name or nickname, so please change it to a name that can identify you and speak to you. You are free to join or leave the room on the way.

* We will check your movements and speak to you over the screen. If you participate with the video screen turned off, please be careful not to get injured.

** Recording lessons, recording, etc. are prohibited. If it is discovered, you will not be able to participate after that.

How to apply

Please apply from the link.

・ Flat-rate billing monthly passport

​ → Click

​ ・ Experience One Week Passport

​ → Click

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