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Kyoko Hiraga

Meditation & Yoga, Basic Yoga, Shanti Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Breathing Yoga ®︎, Breathing Method

Breathing Yoga ®︎ Founder. Representative Director of Chantia Association Co., Ltd. Representative Director of Resilience Institute for Youth Resilience.

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Akiko Miyamoto

​Relax Yoga

​ A yoga therapist certified by the Central Government of India and certified by the Japanese Society of Yoga Therapists.

Obtained the National Yoga Alliance e-RYT 200 hours. Completed Yin Yoga Teachers Training. Participated in Vipassana meditation for 10 days.

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Kiyoshi Yamamoto

​Relax Yoga

At the age of 25, he became interested in theater and continued his activities as a member of a theater company. Currently, while working for a company, he spends his days enjoying yoga and belly dancing.

Yoga is an important time to face yourself, to be close to your mind and body, and to share with you the time to return to your true self and be reborn.

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Yuko Imai

Meditation & Yoga

Based on Strala Yoga, which was conceived by Tara Stiles, which has a studio in NY, in addition to regular classes mainly in Tokyo, event appearances, translation of yoga books, magazine publication, and yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali are held. With the theme of "comfortable time" in harmony with the mind, body and nature, I try to make yoga a more familiar and part of my life.

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